Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd., designs and manufactures digital voice loggers, digital sound boards, sound chips and voice chips, message repeaters, music on-hold players and specialized digital sound systems. Established in 1984 by Mr. Richard Peng and expanded into a group in 1993, Eletech’s years of design and manufacturing expertise ensures the highest product standard, paralleled with our excellent customer service and technical support.

Specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing high tech digital audio products for a range of industrial and commercial applications, Eletech is based in Taipei, Taiwan with branch offices in the United States and China, and a network of distributors worldwide.

Eletech has enjoyed a steady and healthy growth in the past years. To further expand its international presence, Eletech is actively seeking business partners from all countries in the world. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in distributing/reselling our products, or having a new product developed for your specific application. We will be glad to hear from you.

On this web site, you will find company news, contact information and detailed product information including data sheets, installation guides, software programs, sound library and other technical material. We welcome any comments you may have. Please email your comments to info@eletech.com.

New Products

CallPad Single-Line Desktop Voice Logger
A single-line under-the-phone voice logger with internal flash memory. Totally stand-alone operation but voice files can also be accessed via LAN.

LogMaster-800 Standalone Voice Logger with Network Access
An 8-line voice logger with expandable internal flash memory. Stand-alone operation with data accesse via built-in touch screen, telephone and network (PC & cellphone).

AniMaster Animation Controller
A line of message repeaters for POP displays and other general purpose applications. Superior sound quality, battery operation and tamper proof design.

TMR-08 Digital Switch Timer
A programmable weekly timer for automated audio playback and general apparatus control. Eight independent switches with N.O. and N.C. mechanical relay outputs.

QuikWave Remote File Management Kit
When equipped with the QuikWave Remote File Management Kit, a QuikWave audio repeater can have its sound files remotely managed via wired or wireless network.

NTP-100 Private Network Time Server
Equipped with an internal GPS receiver, the NT-100 provides client computers within the LAN with accurate, secure and reliable time extracted from GPS data.

BellKeeper TA-100A Schedule Based Automatic Message Announcer
A schedule based MP3 player that plays audio at scheduled times through either an external power amplifier (e.g. a PA system) or, with the integrated phone interface, a PBX phone system.

Multichannel Radio Receiver/Monitor/Logger MR-08/MR-16
An expandable radio receiver system for automatically recording AM/FM radio stations for surveillance, monitoring and/or logging purposes. Digital tuning with analog audio outputs. Turnkey systems are also available.

QuikCall Wireless Calling System
A RF based wireless calling system with built-in MP3 player for making pre-recorded voice alerts/announcements activated from wireless push buttons or equipment interfaces.

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