EM31AR Digital Audio Repeater

*  True CD quality audio repeater
*  Plays both MP3 and WAV files
*  Stereo line level output
*  1 trigger input
*  1 relay output for Basic Audio-n-ActionTM
*  Various modes of operation
*  Supports CompactFlash cards up to 2 GB
*  Stand alone, single voltage operation
*  RS-485 interface

EM31AR is a state-of-the-art audio repeater designed for general purpose applications. It supports both MP3 and WAV files in their native formats, eliminating the need for data transcoding or format conversion. Sound files are stored on an internal CompactFlash (CF) card for instant, random access. CF cards of up to 2 GB are supported, making it possible to store serveral hours of CD quality audio on a single card.

Designed to be a stand alone device, EM31AR requires only a single voltage power supply to operate. Playback can be triggered via a number of devices such as push buttons, relay closures, motion sensors, and PLCs. Control commands can also be sent through the RS-485 interface.

The system can be easily configured to work in different modes of operation, ranging from the default push button mode to the powerful script mode. Through the use of a simple text file, you can define the execution of a series of commands activated by a single trigger. For example, you can play a file, wait a few seconds, turn on the relay, play another file, then jump to another script to execute even more commands. Or you can put the unit into an endless play loop which may be set up to be interruptible or non-interruptible.

EM31AR is equipped with a built-in relay for Basic Audio-n-ActionTM control, such as turning on a motor or a lamp. Both normally open and normally closed contacts are available. In the script mode of operation, the relay can be set up to change state before and/or after, but not during, a file playback.

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure with the flash card fully enclosed, EM31AR is a quality product designed to provide years of reliable service with no required maintenance. The unit can be mounted on the wall with supplied mounting brackets, or simply placed on a flat surface. Wiring is made easy thanks to the two-piece terminal block, as no special connectors are required.

Typical Applications

*  Talking exhibits and displays
*  Voice and sound for vending machines and amusement equipment
*  Automatic PA announcements
*  Audio output for industrial machines


EM31AR Userís Manual