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DP-501 Network Enabled Push-Type Onhold Player

*  Plays MP3 & WAV files with CD sound quality
*  Instant or scheduled audio update via the Internet
*  Push-type fire transfer scheme
*  Local and remote volume control
*  GUI server program with database management
*  Browser based device configuration
*  Huge non-volatile memory storage
*  Fail-safe memory buffering
*  Compact size, maintenance free

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DP-501 is a digital audio player designed specifically for music-on-hold and storecasting applications. It can be used to provide on-hold music/message to holding callers via a phone system in order to keep them informed or entertained. Thanks to its true CD sound quality and MP3 support (small file size), DP-501 can also be used to broadcast a huge amount of crystal clear audio via a PA system for storecasting applications.

Digital onhold systems have evolved from the first generation (tape/CD download), the second generation (flash card based) to the third generation of network enabled DP-501. Now the audio can be updated via the Internet instantly or on a scheduled basis, all without the clients involvement. Furthermore, DP-501 allows the output level to be controlled remotely to ensure optimal system performance.

DP-501s huge amount of flash memroy can store hours of audio in order to satisfy even the most demanding applications. Half of the memory is used for double buffering which allows the player to switch back to the old content in case of download errors.

Designed to conform to popular industrial standards, DP-501 is directly compatible with MP3 and uncompressed WAV files. New audio files are pushed into the player by the server when audio updates are needed. This push-type file transfer scheme makes it possible to update audio files instantly on demand from any Internet connected PC running the server program.

Although designed mainly as a music-on-hold system, DP-501 can also be used in many other applications to replace traditional endless-loop cassette, tape, and CD players. Please dont hesitate to contact us if your application requires system customizations.


MP3 Format: ISO11172-3 (both CBR and VBR)
WAV Format: mono uncompressed PCM, 8- or 16-bit, up to 44.1 KHz
Number of Files: 1
Max. Recording Time (based on 1 GB of memory):
   8.5 hours at 128 Kbps
   17 hours at 64 Kbps
   34 hours at 32 Kbps
   NOTE: Units may be sold with a different amount of memory.
Audio Output: monaural, 2.0V p-p max.
Output Jacks (Impendance): 3.5mm mono (8 Ohm) and RJ-11 (600 Ohm)
Ethernet Interface: 10/100 Mbps