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VP-894 Voice Communication Boards

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VP-894 Userís Manual

VP-894 Device Driver (API)


*  High compression, high integration computer telephony boards
*  2-line (VP-894J) or 4-line (VP-894) per board, up to 16 boards per system
*  Interface with PC ISA bus
*  Real-time voice recording and playback with 4:1 or 8:1 compression ratio
*  Ring detection with loop start RJ-11 phone interface
*  Outboard DTMF and pulse dialing
*  Inbound DTMF and pulse detection
*  Call progress analysis with remote hangup detection
*  Built-in channel bridging between adjacent channels
*  Device driver and API for Visual Basic and Visual C


*  Auto-attendant and voice mail systems
*  Voice logging recorders
*  Interactive voice response (IVR)
*  Audio text systems
*  Automated telemarketing systems